If you are a store owner who is struggling to plan a viable strategy for supplying your customers with the goods they need, it is helpful to understand the shopping behaviors of the modern world.



Shoppers Use The Internet To Help Make Up Their Minds


A recent study has confirmed that shoppers make use of the Internet in order to make up their minds concerning their purchases. Were you aware that 42 percent of shoppers prefer to use the Internet to shop because they simply find it more convenient, in addition to finding lower prices there? If you are a store owner, it's an excellent idea to include an online web store in your official company site so that you can take advantage of this.



Shoppers Use The Internet Even When Visiting Your Physical Location


Another interesting fact that has been revealed concerns the habits that shoppers adopt when making a visit at a physical location. This means that, even if you have a brick and mortar store, the majority of shoppers will still use the Internet to confirm or second guess their purchases. For example, 19 percent of shoppers will visit your store to check the price on a certain item, then leave and shop for it online if they think your price is too high.



Internet Shoppers Shop From Home, Not On The Run


One very interesting fact is that 84 percent of shoppers use their laptops and PCs for making their online purchases, rather than digital devices. This means that they are most likely browsing the Internet and shopping from the comfort of their own home, rather than on the run. This may well mean that they have very likely visited your store before going home to confirm their purchase on the Internet - whether from your own online store or from a competitor's website.



Traditional Factors Still Influence Customer Purchases


However, before you think that the Internet has changed everything about the way people shop, you should know that traditional factors still influence customers' behavior. For example, excellent customer service, aggressive marketing, clearly marked prices, and a wide variety of selections still influence the opinions of shoppers in a positive manner. When choosing which items to offer to customers, store owners should also keep in mind that basic etiquette is still a valuable asset in assuring customer loyalty and repeat business.