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At, you will find a wide variety of candles and other scented products that will fit the needs and decorative tastes of nearly every costumer.



At just the right wholesale prices, we have tea light holders and boxes of tea lights in scents such as linen breeze and Anjou pear. We also have religious candles and novelty candles that are designed to resemble chocolates in a gift box.


Parents will love the wide selection of baby themed candles, including pink and blue baby animals, stork candles, bears, rocking horses, and pink and blue elephants. We also have candles for special occasions, including numbered birthday cake candles and a candle to burn when baby takes his or her very first steps.


For customers looking to change the scent of their home, we have standard and family sized gel air fresheners in colors such as red, blue, purple, and yellow. We also have car air fresheners and toilet bowl refreshers in various designs and scents.


We have alternative scented options too, with different scented incense sticks and incense cones featuring Oriental florals and spices. Additionally, you’ll find rose potpourri, lavender potpourri, and cedarwood and rosemary potpourri spritz.


For emergencies or power outages, we provide LED emergency candles and battery operated candle lights.


Visit today to find out how we can help you provide the best selection of candles and scented products.