OCSurplus.com provides its retail customers with access to wholesale automotive accessories, care items, and more.

You can promote automotive safety by choosing from our selection of driveway reflectors, snow brushes and scrapers, steering wheel locks, sun shades, and reflective stickers. We also offer panoramic rearview mirrors for a wider view, a five-in-one emergency tool, roadside emergency tool kits, oil funnels, circuit testers, and tire gauges.

Your customers can keep the outside of their vehicle sparkling and immaculate with our exterior tools, such as a multi-purpose detailer, wheel detail brushes, window squeegees, auto wipes, windshield cleaner wands, car cleaning kits, bumper protector packs. We haven’t forgotten about tools for cleaning car interiors, either, and offer sponges, power vacuums, auto wipes, and more.

Drivers love customizing the insides and outsides of their vehicles, and we provide plenty of products that allow them to do just that. We have key chains, car flag holders, steering wheel colors in various colors and styles (like sheep skin), windshield graphics, car seat cushions, and zebra print covers for car seats. We also have CD holders for organization, dashboard anti-slip pads, and a range of car fresheners in designs like flip flops, glass bottles, smiley faces, and fuzzy dice. Sports lovers enjoy our selection of team centered fresheners, featuring organizations such as the Florida Marlins, Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, and more.

Nearly every potential customer that you have in your retail space will have access to a vehicle, or be close to someone who does. By offering a wide range of car products, both necessities for safety and cleanliness and novelties for sports enthusiasts and other individuals, you can provide a great selection of useful products.