You may be familiar with As Seen on TV, the featured products that you can get on television or in specialty stores. In the past, these items were only available for order from television networks, and it was difficult to see exactly what you were getting. While you may be familiar with these products and how to purchase them now, you may not be familiar with their deep history in television culture.

As Seen on TV products began to increase in popularity in the 20th century, when television show numbers were at all-high highs. The products were featured during daytime commercial spots, on prime time spots, and during any other times that each respective company believed their target market would be watching television.

The first As Seen on TV products were first seen on television in the 1950s and 1960s. At the time, the most popular products were the Chop-O-Matic and other O-Matic products created by Ronco, like the Buttoneer, Pocket Fisherman, and the Glass Froster.

While the Ronco family had popular products and made up a large percentage of As Seen on TV spots, other companies began to take over the As Seen on TV scene. Space Bag Copmany, Rodan& Fields, and ShamWow are just a few examples of companies that became prominent on television spots. Each of these products featured their own pitchman who was known for advertising in new and enthusiastic ways, and all of them followed in the path of original As Seen on TV commercials and enticed customers with a “Don’t miss out!” attitude.

In the early 21st century, as potential customers flocked to the internet, As Seen on TV companies began to come up with new ways to provide opportunities for purchasing. Instead of simply calling a toll free number to place an order, customers could now go to a website and order the product that they had seen on television. These were micro sites that displayed only the featured product along with any applicable accessories available for purchase. This web shopping experience is different from visiting an online superstore, and remains one of the top ways that As Seen on TV products win customers.

As Seen on TV products have become so popular over time that the phrase and familiar red and white logo have been released for use. This means that companies are free to use the logo, making it easy for brick and mortar stores to set up physical As Seen on TV sections. Additionally, As Seen on TV specialty stores are increasing in popularity.